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8 × 8 × 5 cm
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Suitable for paintings mixed with water colours and gum arabica and for use as makeup mixed in with oils and creams - 10g pots:

From left to right:

Black Graphite - pure crystalised carbon used in pencil art
Red Haematite - iron ore used by tribes for coming or age ceremonies or fertility rights
Green Malachite - used for make up in Egypt and in paintings by native americans for the earth - do not ingest this mienral though as it contains high amount of copper
Blue Lapis Lazuli - Used as make up in ancient Egypt and for many paintings throughout the ages prized more than gold at one point and used in Bible art
Lilac Mica - used widely in make up powders for a glittery look
White Quartz - pure silicon dioxide used to add clarity to an art work

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