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Fossil Wood Slice (2)

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12.5 × 1.5 × 15 cm
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Comes With Stand Petrified Wood (Monkey Puzzle Wood) Peri-mineralisation of ‘wood turned to stone’: Carbon – black, Cobalt - green/blue, Chromium - green/blue, Copper - green/blue, Iron oxides - red, brown, and yellow, Manganese - pink/orange, Manganese oxides - black/yellow Location: Madacagcar – formed over 3 million years Metaphysical: Brilliant for past-life work, and to help us have patience to see how nature works for a perfect purpose constantly and how it continues to cradle us in its spiritual hold through changes and growth in life. Very good for people to have living in concrete cities, to keep them connected to nature Healing: age related conditions – alzhemers, arthritis, osteoperosis

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