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GalenaLead sulphide and silverLocation: Bulgaria – formed in hydrothermal veins just under the earth’s surfaceMetaphysical: helps heal emotional traumas and the shadow selfHealing: circulation, joint pain, reduces inflammation

PyriteIron SulfideLocation: Bulgaria – formed hydrothermally just under earth’s surfaceMetaphysical: Self-empowerment and strengthens life force – name means ‘fire stone’ as was used to start firesHealing: Helps identify causes of illness and relieves pain 

Orthoclase FeldsparPotassium, aluminium, silicon dioxideLocation: Algeria Metaphysical: Known as the “stone of cooperative effort", Orthoclase Feldspar encourages cooperation among individuals and offers insight into group experiences.  Orthoclase Feldspar can help one find new and unconventional ways to obtain goals, and is said to foster connection to the wisdom of ancient Egypt.  Those lacking in self-confidence who carry low self-esteem can benefit from Orthoclase Feldspar's work with the Solar-Plexus Chakra, enhancing self-will and emotional strength and courage.Healing: addictions, seizures, stomach, stopping smoking 


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