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Spiritual Science of Crystal Healing

Crystal Energy Science

Crystals most potent ability is to convert energy to piezoelectricity - heat formed from electromagetic radiation and physical pressure combined, create an electric current, which is utilised in modern technology such as solar cells and computer chips, lasers, radios and many of the new re-newable forms of energy are using these too, to convert cold and heat from the gorund and air and sunlight. This ability crystals have, makes them usable for helping the body stimulate the nervous system into forming currents to help speed up wound and bone healing and to help create new currents of energy in the body (called neuroplasticity), which could potentially be used to help people recover after neurological damage and more serious trauma to get the body back into balance along with the other therapies.

Crystals and minerals are used in farming methods, and they help plants grow and absorb water and nutrients from the soil and help fertilise them and absorb sunlight down quicker – Sulphur helps fertilise, and zeolites help the plants absorb the water in the soil, and carbon is used to help them grow faster. and other minerals to help balance PH and provide more nutirents like phosphorus and iron. In Biodynamic farming, quartz is ground up and buried in the earth to absorb radiation and then sprayed on leaves to attract the sun, moonlight and cosmic energies more. Chalk and limestone is also placed under the soil to help wild flowers and berries/fruits to grow in nature reserves.

Crystals hold Photons, Microwaves and Far infrared rays as invisible waves of energy and still Bioscalar energy. They’re able to penetrate all layers of the human body and reach the inner-most regions of tissues, muscles and bone. Through this, far infrared rays and negative ions gently soothe, stimulate and detoxify the body and mind and help the mood, by promoting oxygenation to the brain and regeneration of the blood and Bioscalar waves disperse clotted blood cells and help blood and lymph flow. They also help the body release Nitric oxide, which relaxes all the connective tissue, blood vessels and powers the heart. And bioscalalar energy holds the energy which someone or something puts into it too, as it is by definition an information carrier beyond space and time in a torsion field. So crystals can be programmed to hold the energy of love - and they hold the energy of how they were formed in the earth. This is why Peridot was always believed to be the stone of abundance, as it was often found from green crystals which had errupted out of volcanoes :) The photons of light, react to the DNA and mitochondria of our cells to order them how to function and grow and heal/re-generate. The colour of the crystal lets us know what colour light it absorbs and emits. It has been found that the reason crystals have colour, is because of the cracks and imperfections and minerals reacted in them when they were formed.  Quartz forms last after all other minerals have reacted and grown, as it only has silicon and oxygen in it, which is why it is so clear and reflects the light, and is known as a pure stone, because it gets unaffected by weathering and strong chemical reactions.  Black and opaque crystals are shown to absorb light, while clear crystal reflect light. Coloured crystals are shown to reflect that colour of light, and absorb the opposite colour in the spectrum (its complimentary colour) - so amethyst reflects violet and absorbs yellow light.

Crystals grow in different shapes according to the environment and pressure around them. The shape the crystal matrix grows into has been shown in studies to match different psychological personality traits or behaviors it has been found in case studies. There are only 8 different atomic structure shapes they form: For example - Amethyst is triangular, and it has been found all these shape stones are calming to us, with max energetic results, from minimum effort put in, so are great for meditating with. Fluorite is cubic, which means it has the vibration of someone highly organised, planning everything and structuring their life constantly! Applying this creative principle of how the crystalline structure of our own solid body matter has formed can help re-align our soft tissue and bones, and slowly, eventually re-grow our whole body when used with other therapies and healing and change our patterns of behaviour. Some new scientific studies on crystals have also found that crystals seem to help people connect to their gut and digest and absorb the nutrients from the food they are eating better and help them detox and clear stuff out. The minerals which are in each particular crystal, help the body absorb and eliminate that particular mineral which is inside us from food we have eaten, as a general rule – with the mineral class of each type of rock being important in how it helps the body with these functions (oxide, sulphate, silicate etc). For example some minerals are toxic and formed from volcanic decay -  these help you clear and burn out what you don’t want out!