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Giving Back to Mother Earth - We donate to 'Tree Sisters'

As Conscious Crystals, we focus on ethics, and with the recent things happening around the world, we decided mother earth is telling us it is time to give back to her.  And she wants us to start with plating trees and helping them grow and using them in the garden - which is why we decided to donate a percent of our takings to ‘Tree Sisters’ Charity - And what better way we can help ourselves, than putting out your crystals in the garden or leaving some in the woods or park by newly planted trees!
Crystals absorb and emit light and help heat up and speed growth - use the colour crystal of the flower that comes, or just quartz for all colours.
Mother’s Crystals have helped heal my bones, and my partners digestive system, now I feel I want to repay the favour and help Gaia back. If you feel the same join us with our crystal gardens!

We are Giving 5% of every sale towards Planting new Trees and Forests with Tree Sisters - Grateful for Mother Earth's Riches and Gems and how happy they have made us and how they have helped heal us, we are happy to give back to mother Earth the joy she has given to us!

A tree is planted by tree Sisters for every 40p donated, so spending £8 with us guarantees you will be responsible for planting a tree :)
Or you can give a one off donation by following the Link to our Fundraiser page