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Connective Tissue Crystal Massage

Crystal Wand Massage
• Meridian lines are made of soft collagenous tissue (Myofascia) which is under Heart, blood, breath, chemical and external force control, and connects all the organs and muscles and bones of the body together in a web of collagenous lines – Crystals are made of mostly silicon which is for healing the collagen
• They contract and relax out of our conscious control very slowly creating body structure and armour (in case of war/injury) and they move in a chaotic way to get the blood pumping around the whole body – Crystals are formed out of chaos in the earth and contraction/release of tectonic plates, which is said to look similar in the fascia
• Triggers for contraction are pressure on the body (gravity), Oxytocin (for love, anti-anxiety, increasing pain threshold), histamine/antihistamine (for protection against allergens), Immune system cytokine response, high blood acid, physical sex, labour/childbirth, social interaction, inflammation, immune response, breathing patterns disorders, emotional trauma, high acid diet – Crystals produce pressure on the body and clearer crystals have higher acid
• Triggers for relaxation are nitric oxide (chemical released from lightning, volcanoes, the sun, the ocean and burning fossil fuels) which is a signal molecule for the heart and nervous system, found in certain foods and produced by white blood cells - it relaxes and helps open blood vessels, lung airways, produce mucous and lay down collagen well to heal ligaments and tendons. – Crystals and Reiki healing can tune into this vibration