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Workshops And talks for groups


We offer crystal workshops/talks, for MBS events, festivals, circles, groups, parties etc, where we can bring stock to sell as well. Please enquire below if you are interested in booking and for prices.
We adapt our talks for the audience, from people new to healing and spirituality who are just interested or just want science, to shamanic healing circle meditations, to the specialist uses of crystals in therapy. We do talks/workshops include:

  • Basic Practical Info Workshop/Talk - 40mins:Crystals in Technology, Crystals in the Garden and their use in Biodynamic farming, Crystals with Cooking and Herbal teas, Crystals and EMF protection, Crystals in our body, Different crystal types, names of them, where they are from and how they are formed! 
    Scientific Study and Physical Therapeutic Use Workshop/Talk - 1 hour: Science of the energy of crystals, Crystal Meridian and Hot stone Massage, Crystal Skin Detox pastes/salt/mineral baths, Crystals with Physiotherapy: Infrared/Microwave/Sunlight/LED lights/Heat/Ice/Hydrotherapy/steam/sauna, Vibrating Foot Mineral Spa Relfexology, Joint Mineral Steamer, explanation of Bio-energetic aura and Meridian line measuring machines
    Spirituality and Crystals Workshop/Talk 1 hour:Crystal Sacred Geometry, Minerology, Colours/light emmited, and Formation types for use in energetic Healing. Crystal Homeopathy/Meridian diagnostics. Crystals and connecting to the Light and Cosmos/star constellations. Crystals and connection to the Elements of the earth cycles and their connection to our Bodily Organs functioning. Crystals and awareness of trauma and self healing Negative Energies/entities holistically. Crystals and their connection to the womb and birth process. Crystals and Re-generating cells and thr cycle of death and re-birth.

    Anscestral Drumming and Dance workshop with Stone and Crystal Circle - 1 hour: Using the Hanpan and Cajon drum we weave together the elements of the Earth, with the cycles of the Moon, Sun and Stars, through group Ceidlh dancing, with the aim to connect to all our Anscestors for guidane and healing

Mother Earth, Her Rocks and “Me”
“Her tectonic plates grind and shift forming the mother’s bowls, firing, pulsing, fertilising and detoxifying us -
Her molten core is like a heart beating and pumping the rich magmatic blood, her heart a passionate volcano -
She is the fire of our digestion, the magnetism through our joints -
Her rocks are like our bones where our spine grows up into a tall mountain -
Her plant roots are akin to our intestines nourishing us and soaking up all the minerals and waters from the soil around us-
Her tree trunks are like our spinal cord and her shoots all our bodies’ vessels reaching out -
And her Atmosphere is like our breath - The breath of life, rising from the heat and ashes, up into the clouds and the stars above – Her cycles of nature in exact harmony and flow with ours always "

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