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We are crystal/mineral suppliers who buy from around the world to sell to you at affordable prices! Sign up at the bottom of the page for an account with us, to get email updates on new stock and offers!

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You can also search by healing qualities - ie. different illnesses, body systems, emotional and mental problems/qualities, and spiritual qualities such as moon, sun, your birth month crystal, crystals for absorbing negativity, and for protection etc

We are interested in promoting spiritual awareness in everyday modern living, especially for healing the body and connecting to the earth - Science shows crystals vibrate with the same freqeuncies as the strongest radiation emiited by our bodies (light photons, infrared and microwaves), and they connect to piezoelectric energy in our bodies'meridian lines and our bones which are made of Apatitie crystals and many other minerals.  Crystals and rock dust are also used in biodyamic farming and can be used in cooking too to make food tastier, not to mention they are signal transmitters for computers and radios in advanced technologies
They are also wondferul for meditation, and can help us find stillness and staility, as well as possibily great wisdom of the earth's creation, formation and the environment which lived around them while they grew over thousands of years.  

Use with great peace, love and patience

Conscious Crystals 

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